Flickr RSS problems

Posted by bjorng 
Flickr RSS problems
December 18, 2010 08:28PM
Hi, got a problem with feeding images from an RSS-feed.

Loading images from an XML-file works fine but any RSS-path I have tried has failed. Anyone else had this problem?

Below are links to identical html-pages, which are copies of the "sample.html" included in the package. In these files I pasted code in one of them, with a link to an xml.file (works) and in the other one, a link to a flickr RSS-stream (works not). The code I pasted was copied from the SSB panel with no other change than the address to the source file/stream.

Here is the xml-page (ok): []
Here is the rss-page (not ok): []

I cannot figure out what the problem is. I have tried different kinds of templates and tried all variations of embedding (flash, flash object, Java and detect) and I have tried different RSS-streams (Flickr and Picasa), but cannot get the slideshow to load any pictures from any RSS-stream.

Being able to load from directly from a flickr-account was the main reason I bought this package so I would really like it to work.

This is the RSS-stream: feed://

Thanks for any comment!


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Re: Flickr RSS problems
December 20, 2010 09:24AM
Be careful when you take the rss feed.
Here is the url for the album you want on flickr:
Try this rss feed in your site and see if it works.
Re: Flickr RSS problems
December 22, 2010 01:32PM
Well, I have done a bit of work and got som good advice from Adrian at support.

The problem with the feeds are several. First of all Flickr seem to have a number of different addresses to the same feed. It may begin with feed:// or html:// or api:// and they may contain different elements. But there are also other issues.

To make a long story short it's important that these elements are not missing: ( set= ; id= and format= ) if any of them are missing from the feed address it wont work.

So how to get the correct feed address? What I learned was this, and at least it works for me:

I go to the flickr set I want to stream to my slideshow and click and hold the little icon in the browsers address window. That will present two options in a dropdown. Choose Show RSS feed. Now, copy that RSS-feed and paste it in the SSB panel box for XML-file or RSS-feed AND change feed:// in the very beginning of the feeds adress to html://

Thats it.

Re: Flickr RSS problems
March 11, 2014 12:35PM
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