OEM license

Integrate SlideshowBox's slideshow templates into your apps

If you need to embed SlideshowBox in an app that allows users (3rd party) to edit and create their own customized content you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license. This will enable you to legally distribute SlideshowBox by embeding it in your app. An extraordinary example of an OEM usage of SlideshowBox is SlideMyPics, the free HTML5 slideshow creator.

Why not a regular SlideshowBox license?

If you want to create slideshows and flash websites using SlideshowBox you probably need just a regular license. Do you want to use SlideshowBox in apps that enable users (non-SlideshowBox customers) to create/edit/customize slideshows based on SlideshowBox? In this case you need an embeding license (OEM).

The commercial licenses purchased directly through the SlideshowBox.com website will NOT allow you to use SlideshowBox dynamically inside your own app/website in order to enable third parties to produce their own flash content that can be downloaded or embed on their own pages. To do so, you need to get our written agreement.

The OEM licenses enable you to embed SlideshowBox (and/or it's templates) into an application/website that outputs custom flash content that can be used by third parties without them paying anything to us.

Get the OEM license that you need

To get any type of OEM license, such as embeding license, source codes, distribution rights, special customizations, non-commercial or educational licenses and also if you feel confused about this license terms please contact our sales department via email: sales [at] jumpeyecomponents.com

Please specify exactly how do you plan to use SlideshowBox, in order to get the a custom price that perfectly suits you.
If you find suspicious use of SlideshowBox please let us know.