PanandZoom performance on IE

Posted by user554486 
PanandZoom performance on IE
July 22, 2011 09:20PM
I am using the Javascript version of your PanandZoom player and it is basically unusable in IE8 and IE9 (have not checked earlier versions). The problem is performance related in that the pan and zoom effects are "chunky" in that there is not a smooth pan and zoom movement as you see in Firefox and other webkit based browsers. Since IE still has a big user base, we can't really use this until this issue gets resolved.

You can see the same problem on your demo site in IE8 or IE9 at [] (click on the "HTML-JS demo)
Re: PanandZoom performance on IE
July 30, 2011 08:55AM
Hi there, you are right about this issue of which we are actually aware. However your observations are partially correct because on IE9 the PanandZoom template should work just fine(we've tested it on multiple machines with IE9 on Windows XP and 7). IE8 does not supports canvas and that's is the main reason why the animation looks so creepy. Technically we found no solution to provide a better animation of PanandZoom on IE8.
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