SlideshowBox using RSS feed stopped working

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SlideshowBox using RSS feed stopped working
February 02, 2017 05:36PM
After searching more than 30 different slideshows I decided on slideshow box.
Each slideshow is populated with images from a Photoshelter RSS gallery feed.
It worked for many years without a problem but now suddenly it is just blank.
It could be the RSS feed has changed slightly but trying to identify exactly where the problem is, is very difficult.
The code is extremely complex, and has been pared down, so it is hard to find good places to set breakpoints or look for problems. The problem is not throwing up an error code.
I need some help.

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Re: SlideshowBox using RSS feed stopped working
March 18, 2017 08:38AM
Ok I worked out what the problem is and this will probably effect everyone using an RSS feed for their slideshows.
The Google Feed API service has been closed as of the end of Dec 2016 - see []
So unless a replacement for this integral component is found RSS feeds won't work with SlideShows.
There are various replacements being discussed, some claim to be "drop in" style replacements, but it is difficult to know which ones will be viable in the long term. Probably Yahoo YQL discussed here [] might work.

This RSS-API [] server side solution also looks promising and active.

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