Inconsistent title/description behavior

Posted by user1656742 
Inconsistent title/description behavior
February 21, 2016 12:19AM
With the simpleFadeThumbnail template in the HTML version I see inconsistent behavior in the appearance of the title/description. I've seen this with both IE11 and Firefox. I've seen it in preview mode for this template in the online panel and I've seen it in my slideshow implementation. The inconsistency is from slide-to-slide and also between viewings of a slide show.

Details: View a slideshow. During the presentation of one slide move the cursor into the image area and observe the title/description correctly appear. It will autohide correctly. Don't move the mouse and let slideshowbox move to the next slide. Sometimes the title/description will appear, sometimes it doesn't. Let slideshowbox move on to the next slide the title/description may or may not display. Move the mouse slightly and the title/description appear. Once the title/description stops displaying it won't display again until the mouse is moved slightly.

I don't know what the expected behavior here is. I would expect that the expected behavior is for the title/description to appear for a slide if the cursor is in the image area, so moving the cursor into the image area and leaving it untouched would result in every title/description showing, since this is what most sliders do. On the other hand the expected behavior could be that the title/description is only shown if the cursor moves in the image area. This expected behavior would be a bit annoying since it would require the site visitor to move the mouse slightly on each slide. However, the observed behavior is neither of these. With the cursor in the image area the title/description appears sometimes.

I'd like to report this as a bug, but I'm surprised this hasn't been reported before. Perhaps I'm missing something? Any help appreciated.

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