Make SlideshowBox2 Responsive

Posted by user1571545 
Make SlideshowBox2 Responsive
May 21, 2013 02:07PM
I like to be my website reponsive. In this case i like to use SlideshowBox2 and make it responsive. I altered the fixed width in 100%, but this is not working. I tried width: 100% and max-width: 100%
It's working when i use single images, but not with slideshowBox2. I use the Javascript version:

<div id="SimpleFadeThumbviewJS1369085669255" style="max-width: 100%;"></div>

Thanks for your advise!
Re: Make SlideshowBox2 Responsive
May 29, 2013 02:28PM
I'm sorry but I'm afraid that SlideShowBox wasn't created to be responsive.
You can however try Jumpeye Framework instead, [].
Re: Make SlideshowBox2 Responsive
June 03, 2014 01:29AM
I know that the SlideShowBox is not responsive, but we could force it to be responsive. I am not very good with js or jquery but this code works which would get the width of the window:

	//TO TEST IN FIREBUG RUN: console.log(w)
	var w;		
	$(window).load(function() {
		w = $(window).width();
	$(window).resize(function() {
		w = $(window).width();

The only part missing would be to add the variable w as the width in the name-value pairs, but when I replace the pixel width with the w, it doesn't work. That's where my skills run out.

Does anyone have a suggestion for adding a variable as the width?
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