Chinese character support?

Posted by user745471 
Chinese character support?
May 12, 2011 11:44AM
Hi, I am new to this.
I test the free version and see the chinese character is not shown in the image title and description of my slideshow. Does that mean the current version doesn't support none-english characters yet? Is there any workaround?
Please advice. Thanks!
Re: Chinese character support?
May 13, 2011 03:29AM
2nd question here please.
I didn't find the ActionScript 3.0 Usage document in the free demo download. We need to review this to see if the premium plus version meet our requirement. Is there any way to get the document?
Re: Chinese character support?
May 13, 2011 08:25AM
At this moment the chinese characters aren't embedded in the component, but we are developing a new version which will allow you to use your own font,therefore you will be able to add whatever characters you want.
Regarding the second question, the action script 3 usage manual is available only for the premium version.
Re: Chinese character support?
May 16, 2011 06:36AM
Thanks for the response.
You might consider adding an option to enable system fonts instead of embedding asian language fonts set which might make swf size to BIG.
When will the new version be released? Can you send me the AS3 document for evaluating purpose?
Re: Chinese character support?
May 16, 2011 07:22AM
We will only embed one default font. If that font won't contain all the characters needed, you will have the possibility to embed your own font which will solve this problem.
I really don't know when the new version will be released, but as soon as something is decided, I will post the date here on the forum.
Also, I can't give you the as3 document. If I give you the file, you will gain access to information that is only available for premium users. Anyway if you want to know something specific about the component's as3 capabilities, ask me.
Re: Chinese character support?
February 16, 2018 06:19AM
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