Did I just waste $100???

Posted by user663086 
Did I just waste $100???
March 21, 2011 01:47AM
I spent the money because this was explained as EASY to use. I am a fairly technical guy, but this XML file is KILLING ME! I spent about 2 hours trying to get this thing to work and it WONT. I get a slideshow of BLANK squares. There needs to be VIDEO tutorials that walk you through EXACTLY how to create a slideshow and publish it to your website. READING A PDF file is quite absurd, so hopefully when I call someone tomorrow, they WALK me through how to get this working with a simple 4 slide show. Once I get that squared away, I should be able to make more easily. Again, this was advertised as nearly drag and drop easy...but that is not the case.

I REALLY hope to get this up and running as I have about had it tonight.

Re: Did I just waste $100???
March 21, 2011 08:42AM
SlideShowBox also have a free version which you can test before getting to buy it. We don't consider that the tool is difficult to use at all, contrary we find it quite easy and I'm sure a lot of developers have the same opinion.
Anyway, if you believe this is to difficult for you, I suggest you should try and use PhotoSnack.
Re: Did I just waste $100???
March 21, 2011 02:41PM
Thanks...but I already PURCHASED it...and THEN I find out that they don't have PHONE support like every other reputable company out there. My problem would be solved in 5 minutes on the phone with technical support, but instead, I have to waste 4 hours trying to "figure it out myself" and then another hour "chatting" with someone that says, they don't understand what I am typing.
Re: Did I just waste $100???
March 22, 2011 09:52AM
From what I know there isn't any Flash Company that can provide technical support trough phone especially when it comes to issues that you need to look at, in order to know where the problem is.
Working with xml is quite easy, if of course you have some html/xml knowledge and creating a SlideShowBox gallery will require basic flash knowledge from you, since the SlideShowBox is a flash component.
Here is a short video:

Yes it would be helpful and better if it were to exists some video tutorials on how you can put everything in order, but it isn't absolutely necessary since the component package contains manuals (with step by step information) and samples for everthing you need.
Anyway, I'm sure that you can come to an agreement with the guys from sales department, to change your license from SlideShowBox to PhotoSnack.
Re: Did I just waste $100???
June 04, 2011 12:34AM
i feel exactly like you, i purchased all the suit with a offer they had and i TOTALLY regret it, its slow and buggy and when i asked about fixing the bugs they simply told me they will fix it when they release an update when they get a programmer free...so i asked how many time does that take and they literally said "At this moment we don't have anyone available. We are completely stuck with other projects, so I can't give you an estimate when an update will be added."
so yeah, i bought a bugged suit, yay -_- and i did test the free versions but never noticed the bugs before... and i noticed them after months of use so i guess i cant even get a refund...

and now that i need slideshow box so badly... i cant get it to work inside of a movieclip(if i put it on the Stage it works), i feel worst and worst about this "quality" product i PURCHASED... i guess i understand now why ppl use "pirate" stuff
Re: Did I just waste $100???
June 06, 2011 07:55AM
Could you please let me know which bug did you report or find and it wasn't solved? The component works fine inside a movieclip, I just test it again and everything looked good, but if you have a specific scenario in which somehow it doesn't, I would appreciate if you will let us know about it and give us more details? Thank you.
PS The bugs are usually solved quickly but the new features and updates needs time to be added.
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