thumbnail wall - non flash

Posted by user815056 
thumbnail wall - non flash
January 06, 2013 02:53PM
I really like the Thumbnail Wall, but I can't use it since it's flash and won't appear on tablets such as iPad. Would you please consider making a non-flash version of this one? I have been a user for quite some time now and I really appreciate how easy you have made it for us to embed. But I continuing looking at the Thumbnail Wall and wishing I could use it. (otherwise, would you consider making Simple Grid have some of the similar properties as TW, such as no title on the thumbnails and keeping aspect ratio on thumbnails)?

Re: thumbnail wall - non flash
March 11, 2013 02:11PM
Thank you very much for your suggestions and feedback.
Re: thumbnail wall - non flash
June 05, 2017 07:13AM
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