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can't play photos in random order???

by user623731
5,687203/23/2011 07:20AM
Last Post by kneo

Customization not working

by user603986
5,884903/22/2011 12:42PM
Last Post by kneo

"+Especial Characters"

by pepez
4,359303/03/2011 08:21AM
Last Post by pepez

Ken Burns Effect

by user465975
4,787202/14/2011 07:50AM
Last Post by kneo

Creating a project

by user416753
4,733402/04/2011 09:56AM
Last Post by kneo

How to avoid jquery conflicts.

by kneo
4,385102/03/2011 11:41AM
Last Post by kneo

Movie won't load

by user450949
3,906201/28/2011 09:16AM
Last Post by kneo

Thumbnail strip pics dimensions

by user395735
4,361401/19/2011 08:54AM
Last Post by kneo

Changing colors problem

by user523346
3,823301/17/2011 11:45AM
Last Post by user523346


by user556506
4,019201/17/2011 07:44AM
Last Post by kneo

SWF rather than image in Slideshow?

by branram
4,169201/10/2011 12:57PM
Last Post by kneo

ImagesInfos - how to make them not to disappear

by rborkowski
3,641201/07/2011 07:48AM
Last Post by kneo

WWW vs non-WWW path

by plutz
4,015201/07/2011 07:43AM
Last Post by kneo

Fullscreen JS Slideshows

by user518471
5,409512/22/2010 01:16PM
Last Post by bjorng

Putting links to your Slide

by user382599
6,289412/13/2010 10:20AM
Last Post by kneo

simpleslide.js stops other scripts

by user431021
4,250412/13/2010 10:18AM
Last Post by kneo

Max Number of Pics and Fullscreen Help

by whatsupstud34
4,084212/03/2010 12:29PM
Last Post by kneo

2 JS Simpleslide shows on single page

by user371477
3,932412/03/2010 12:23PM
Last Post by kneo

Transition speed

by bjorng
3,977312/02/2010 09:48PM
Last Post by bjorng

Suggestion: XML-generator

by user386151
4,251611/30/2010 04:47PM
Last Post by faufer

XML file

by user481235
3,948211/21/2010 11:14PM
Last Post by user481235

iWeb and FTP

by user476789
4,581611/11/2010 08:37AM
Last Post by kneo

error message when trying to preview slideshow

by user477655
4,436211/09/2010 11:51AM
Last Post by kneo

Use of special characters

by jd007
4,612611/08/2010 09:03AM
Last Post by kneo

Hiding pre loaders

by user452821
3,790211/02/2010 12:07PM
Last Post by kneo

Maybe a new user

by rpsolo
4,684211/02/2010 12:04PM
Last Post by kneo

PLEASE add URL component

by user452135
5,271210/04/2010 12:21PM
Last Post by kneo

Unable to view slideshow on an iPod

by user380251
4,742909/30/2010 02:08PM
Last Post by kneo

No pics for me, either

by user370169
5,262709/28/2010 10:06AM
Last Post by kneo

using images from the Flash library

by carricdesign
4,381209/21/2010 11:43AM
Last Post by kneo